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Society of St.Vincent De Paul 

Council of Tyler

 May 16, 2014


Presidents report Midyear Meeting 2014, St. Louis MO

 by Carolyn Quenneville


Spiritual retreat. CDs available


Christian brothers......selective investing using screens to support Catholic Christian social policies in your investments.  Can also bring about change in activities through contact and proxy proposals.

Objectionable: child labor,  life ethics,  abortifacients, pornography, tobacco etc. human trafficking.

Increase shareholder value, and impact Resources, environment.

Resource. Interfaith Center on Corporate Responsibility. ICCR.ORG


DAVE BARRINGER, CEO announced/introduced:

  • New Program: Prisoner Re-entry into society
  • National Disaster Director: Liz Disco-Shearer
  • Sr. Director of Governance: Mike Syslo
  • International Twinning Co-ordinator & National Events
  • $400 Scholarship for Haiti: Suzie Pierre
  • Richard Morin Volunteer CFO
  • Lance McCarthy PHD: National Manager of Corporate and Donor Relations.



Friends of the Poor improved site.

  • Website for each Walk.
  • Share to Facebook page
  • Year removed from Tee shirts (Can reuse following years)
  • Insurance needed.


Resolutions. Discussion on #119.A  Too harsh, too negative should accentuate positive.  Postponed till next meeting.

Resolution 114, remove last paragraph.



  • Some one person needs to track 990’s FYE 9/30 actual date due is 2/15, but District Council Office Requests documentation or statement attesting completion by Jan. 1
  • Conference Annual Report due in by Nov. 30 .
  • Bylaws should be reviewed annually for IRS compliance for tax-exempt status.  There have been at least 3 revisions in the last 5 years.  Check on website for the latest example. Send a signed statement of the revision made at the conference level to the District Council. Council should monitor this.



Extension and Formation Initiative

  • Invitation to Renewal is a special retreat for potential leaders.  All Council Presidents  and Executive Directors should attend.
  • Known barriers to expansion to parishes: pastor, Bishop, other charities.
  • Collaboration-in the community to establish needs not met.
  • National Database-be sure all members email address is updated.  The distribution of the E-Gazette needs this to keep all members up to date relating to the Society.

Haiti-Systemic Change-One Student at a Time!

Adopt a Student Program for school year 2014-2015.  There is no public school system that provides free education to students. Education can break the cycle of Poverty.. A donation of $400 per student per year will provide: 

  • Tuition for one year
  • School uniform
  • At least one meal per day at school
  • School books for one year
  • Staff coordinator for the Haiti programs
  • Partnership with Haiti Diaspora (relocated Haitians)

Contact Mike Syslo at 314-576-3993 ext. 203 or for more information.  The project is administered by Daughters of Charity.


Treasurers Report

New volunteer CFO Richard Morin has initiated a transfer in accounting systems from “Cash Basis” to “Accrual”. This should provide more transparency and better accountability.  A new budget will be presented in May based on this system.


Comparative Reporting Initiative

Work has begun to establish metrics for determining how conferences and Councils compare to each other.  The Standards of Excellence that were developed was the initial attempt.  Some items to consider are:

1) Ozanam Orientations:

2) Spirituality (maybe using “Serving in Hope” modules);

3) for stores:  profitability, donations, volunteer participation, amount of money to the poor.


Immaculate Conception Conference in Tyler presented a training session on Systemic Change....Bridges out of  Poverty that was open to the public at no fee.  We must change ourselves thru education to be able to help others make changes that will eliminate poverty. 

At the East Texas Food Bank All Agency meeting a presentation was made to attendees to initiate interest in the same program.  There was a lot of positive response in the audience.  With unity and collaboration we can have an impact!



May 17, 2014 Board meeting cancelled.

Next meeting: July 12, 2014 9:30 AM. Saleh Building 410 S. College, Tyler TX





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